I have data beginning pulled from multiple datasets into Sheet1 and I can successfully create a Pivot table from the data. By default the pivot table is sorting by COUNT and I can change to SUM with no problem . I can save the spreadsheet with no problem but when I try to save the sheet as a template in Alchemex I get Error Number [1004]
YOu cannot move a part of a pivottable report or insert worksheet cells rows or columns inside a Pivot Table report.

Please note I have not moved or changed anything other than the Sort criteria for the data.

HELP !!!

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Hello Tyrone,

I have the same error 1004.

I went on the knowledge base and it doesn't tell where to get  the fixtemplate.exe file.

My customer uses Excel Professional 2010, even when saving in an Excel Workbook 97-2003, we still get the error.

It's not an elaborate Excel file. All we do is, from the Sheet1, start a PivotTable to be added to a new Sheet and we get the error 1004, when we 'Create and Link template'. 

Thanks for your help!

Hi Francois.

FixTemplates.exe can be found in C:\SageIntelligenceReportingXX\UR

I found the following KB articles on error 1004. The one suggest repairing Excel which you may want to try first.



Let me know how things go.

I also got Error Number: [1004] SaveAs method of Workbook class failed . This happened when trying to save the template back to Report Manager. It turns out that my Report Name had a slash in it. This was automatically putting a slash in the template name, which is an illegal character. Note to self - check for any illegal characters in the template name when I get Error Number 1004!

Thanks Gabriela.


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