WE have just recently upgrade a client from 5.6 to ERP2012


The BI Intelligence is the free version

They run on terminal services

This was not an issue in ver 5.6


They keep getting this message on their workstations

Please wait while windows configures sage 300 erp intelligence reporting 2012 workstation





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Hi Annamarie,

have you had a look at the KB there is an article in there that references this problem. 




Hello Annemarie - did you resolve your issue and did the problem go away with the recommended change to the registry?  We have this same problem and the registry didn't appear to fix anything for us.  Did you have to make any other changes?



I'm getting the same problem. Unfortunately the link does not help as I don't have that registry key, server is a single 2008 R2 server (not load balanced) running RemoteApp (not Citrix).

We have the single user trial Intelligence Reporting. I really would like to stop it happening!


Hello,  I know this is an old thread, but I had the same issue.  Although I didn't have the key mentioned in the article, I just created it and now the problem appears to have been fixed.  Note I created a hexadecimal value within the key.

Hello John - could you elaborate on the hexadecimal value within the key.  We have the same issue and added the key but it did not help.  I curious what value you would have added.

Sure, I'm going to have to look it up, but it's the weirdest thing.  The client I had with this problem has it happening again today after a long time of everything working.  I'll try and figure out what we did to fix it last time and let you know.

Hi Elaine,

As far as I could tell, I just added the key and made its value 0.  I just did it again for the same client.  They recently had a virus on their network so I'm wondering if that or a windows update removed the key I added a long time ago.  They are restarting the server now after adding the key to see if it works.

thanks John - it is the most annoying error - i cannot make it break if I have administrator type login.  Regular users - it seems to go away & then come back again .... we have the key added as per the thread but it doesn't appear to have fixed the issue - at least not permanently.  Keep me posted if you would.  This is only happening in a citrix environment.

Hey Elaine, Have you tried Sage tech support on this yet?

they pointed us to the registry change - we will go back to them - they indicated it was environmental issue and possibly specific to this client site.

Ok well you can add me as another example of it not working.  The client decided just now they had to uninstall BI for the time being at least.  They just couldn't wait for us to troubleshoot it as it was slowing them down too much.  Please let me know how you go and let me know if you wan to compare server environments.


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