We are hoping to possibly get some help with Power BI, we have been trying to get it to work properly for a month now, cant figure it out.

We followed the once video in the youtube channel, that says to export to a file in one drive, and power BI will pick that up fine, but after the task runs again to update the file, it will replace the file and it breaks the connection with Power BI.

There is a second video on youtube from a girl that shows were you connect inside excel from the Power BI tab instead of exporting to a file.  This method does work great, but we cannot schedule it to run, not sure why, it says it ran but file did not update.  Driving me nuts.

Which video is the correct method?

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Hi, we have developed PowerBI dashboards for Sage 300 customers. You can email me to mcatalano@adssglobal.net

Is this for Sage 50 US?


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