Publish to File with static values copies values in rows 1-4 into body of financials

I'm on Sage 100 2018 PU5 with the SI update SI5200-T. When I publish a financial report to file with static data values, the values in rows 1-4 appear to get copied about every 10 rows down the sheet. Has anyone else ever seen this behavior? Any solutions? See the attached picture file

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Hi Clark, 

I've not see this but I checked with one of our top Sage Intelligence partner consultants from and he suggested that it could be some corruption in the template.  Or maybe it has to do with freezing the panes? Maybe make a copy of the sheet then remove the top rows. Then insert new ones and try to see if that works. 

Hi Sandra,

Freezing/Unfreezing the panes had no impact. 

I found a solution, and I think I understand the cause. 

I had filters on the worksheets to eliminate zero value rows, so the copy / paste areas were different on each sheet.

My "assumption" is that the SI logic is doing something along the lines of a VBA command to copy data then do paste values only for each sheet in the work book. 

With the filtered rows, the copy/paste areas might be different, causing an error in that script. 

Once I turned off the filters for each worksheet, the process worked to save as a data only workbook. 

I'd be interested if my theory matches the known logic. 




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