I'm having some issues using the free templates for Sage Intelligence Reporting for Sage 50 U.S. Edition. Specifically, I'm trying to customize the "Item List S50US (C15-01)" and/or "Inventory Stock Status S50US (C18-0-1)" templates. I need to show each item's quantity on open sales orders. Thankfully, this information is already included in the report's container. However, when the report is generated, the data it produces for these fields is way off for certain items, and accurate on others. I've taken some examples from the Sage 50 demo company, Bellwether Garden Supply. 

In the attached files, Reports.png shows the item quantities as reported by SI. The top two items, highlighted in green, are accurate while the bottom two, highlighted in red, aren't. Meanwhile, InventoryScreens.png shows the item maintenance screens in Sage 50. Again, you'll see that the quantity on sales orders for the top two items matches the IR reports, but the bottom two don't.

This strange behavior occurs no matter what company I use for testing. Normally, I'd just take a look at the container to try and determine if its an issue with the SQL query. However, these two inventory reports just happen to have some of the most complicated queries in the free reports pack. Maybe someone with a bit more experience could take a look?

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Hey Nestor,

Can you try creating a test company real quick (not one of the samples) and try it?

Those amounts report the quantities at the end of the period.

Let me know how this works


Hi David. Hope you're doing well. Sorry for the delay on replying. I created a brand new company, created 4 items, 3 vendors, 3 customers and generated some transactions. The standard inventory stock status report inside Sage 50 is running smoothly. The report shows the coorect quantity of items on SOs and POs as of 09/30/18. This is the same amount of items on POs and SOs as of 09/14/2018 (as all relevant transactions were generated on or before that date). Please see below for details.

However, the report still gives out the wrong quantity on sales orders. It's also giving the incorrect quantity on purchase orders at times. See below.

I thought the system might simply be adding all up all unshipped items in open SOs, regardless of date. However, even accounting for the SO that I generated for october, the quantities are still off. See the standard report as of 10/31/18 below:

Any idea what could be happening?

Hey Nestor

Email me at david.bryant@sage.com let's see if we can do a remote assistance session



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