I have an income statement that uses a "glclosingbalance" to come up with whatever period you put in the parameter. I am trying to find out what formula can I put in that will pull months 1-3, and months 4-6, and months 7-9 etc.

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Michele - The Report Designer Add-In does not have a QTD formula.

To get the QTD numbers you can do the following:

You will need to create 4 columns for each Qtr.

Create 1 column and Use the GLActual formula.

In a row at the top of the each column you will setup the Period Numbers 1,2,3...

Link the GLActual Period parameter to the cell in the row with the Period Numbers.

Link the Year parameter to cell that holds the Current Year.

Create Col 2 & 3 as above.

Col 4 with be the QTD use the SUM to add each column up.

Here's an example

Do the same for the remaining 3 QTR's.

You can group the columns to the left of the QTD column.

Hope this helps.


Thank you!!

You're welcome.


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