I am working with Sage 50 Canada BI and I hope some one will have answers to my questions.

1.  How do I find the report utility link for the free report downloads for Sage50 Canada?  I cant seem to find it although the utility is there for the other Sage products.

2. Are we able to have access to the containers for the out of the box reports that are part of the Sage 50 Canada accounting software i.e. Reports/Time & Billing/Project No./Allocations by project #


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Hi Brenda.

1. The Report Utility isn't currently supported for Sage 50 Canada.  You can find a list of additional free reports at the below link which you can download and import.


2. If you have a Connector license then you'll have access to the underlying report containers via the Connector module.

Thanks Peter.  I do have a connector license and I have been playing around with the reports but I only have access to the out of the box BI containers and not the containers for the reports that are outside of  BI, i.e. that come with Sage 50.  Its those containers I wanted to know if we have access to and if so, where would they be located

If you double click on a report in the Report Manager, double click on Source Container, right click on the container name and select Go to Container in Connector, what happens?


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