I have two companies on different geographical locations but running on the same network and I need to consolidate or run a report from one server to another. is this possible. It seems you cant change the Meta repository location of your reports. is there any other way around it.

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Hi Brian.

I'm not sure I fully understand you network setup.  Am I right that your two companies are on separate servers?  Where is your Report Manager located?  Please provide a few more details.

The 2 companies are on seperate server but on the same VPN. the report manager resides on the other server located Head Office

If you have the connector module then from there you can create two separate connections, one to each of your servers.  Once you have defined the data containers for each connection, you can create two separate reports from them in the Report Manager.  You can then combine the two reports using a Union report.  Take a look at the following tip:


Let me know if this is what you're after or not.   


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