I need help from more experienced users. I am using the Report designer Add In for the first time and having problems:

Does the Actual Formula return the actual change in a period? Or the actual balance?

I am trying to create a Trial Balance report and when I use the Actual formula for Assets it returns 0?

I used the Opening Balance Formula it returns the right value. 

In noticed that the ACTUAL Formula is returning 0 for all accounts that did not have any movements/

Do I have to use Opening Balance + Actual to get the actual account Balance?

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The actual formula return movement.

There is different formula for Closing balance.

You can have a look at the video under the "Video" tab.

Also, there is a user guide in pdf hat explain the formula.  Google "Report Designer Add-In User Guide" will get you started.

have you tried using the ActualYTD formula

Your Closing Balance formula will include your Opening Balance and you can assign it for a specific period. Your ActualYTD excludes your Opening Balance. You can also assign it for a specific period.

Thank you all for your assistance


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