I would like to know how can make the reports designer and the panel task available in the excel template for my own reports? So, for standard or union reports created by me?

For now it's seems only availabe for the reports delivered by Sage.


Ricardo SIlva

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Hi Ricardo.

The Task Pane and Layout Generator are only available in the Report Designer report.  You can make a copy of it, run out the copy, and then design your own reports.  Remember that you need to save the Excel workbook back to the report in the Report Manager for your changes to persist.  You can find information on using the Report Designer on our Learning Portal.


The Report Designer report is itself a Union Report and it is possible to add other sub reports to it, thereby bringing in other data.  This needs to be done carefully though to ensure the structure of the Report Designer is maintained.  Take note that any other sub reports that you add to the Report Designer won't benefit from the Layout Generator and Task Pane functionality.  The below tip will help if you want to go ahead with this.


Hi Peter,

Thank you a lot for your help.

The tips were very usefull but still without know if it's possible benefit of the Layout Generator and Task Pane on standard and union reports created by me using the existing sub reports? Or we can only take advantage of them using the standard templates?


Ricardo Silva

The Task Pane and Layout Generator are only part of the Financial Report Designer.  They cannot be used outside of that.

Thank you Peter.

Understood now.


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