Report Designer Component required error on report, yet another RD report successfully running

Have a client with 2 Report Designer reports.  One runs successfully.  The other gives me the error re the RD Component not being installed.


Both run OK for me on the server.

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When you say both run Okay on the server is this you running the reports on the clients server?

Yes.  The client uses RDP for their end users and I connect directly to the server (but the server is also the RDP server).  Both clients get the issue, and I do not.

If you run the one that works and keep the template open and then run the doesn't will it still show the error?

I'll have the client test

What I would do is open the Template the works in Design Mode. Open the Template that doesn't in Design Mode. Copy the worksheets from the bad one to the good one. Make a copy of the Report in the Report Manager and link this template to it. Run the report to see if it works. If it works then delete the 1st reports worksheets and link back.

Took lots of paranoid copying hither and yon, but they are both working now.  THANKS!

You're welcome


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