The report designer is shipped with Sage Intelligence Standard module.

We have a hosted server where Evolution resides on. As administrator I get the  "message that report designer licence is required."

When I click on the Add-Ins button and click on "show Task Pane"  the message that then appears is "this workbook does not have valid data to use in the report designer Add-In".

I have gone through the whole setup of re-installing, ensuring that everything in excel under options are correct and UCA is correct.

(I have read up on previous queries regarding this, but just can't come right). Do you have any other options that I could try please?

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Hi Charmaine 

This usually happens when Sage Intelligence has issues pointing to the correct version of Excel, this could be caused by a number of reasons,

1. Do you have multiple versions of Excel on your machine?

If so as a test, open up a blank workbook, leave it open then run out your report.

2. Have you recently upgraded MS Office? 

There could be old registry keys that is causing this issue, a way to check would be to get your IT department to look at this article which explains how to remove old registry keys.

let me know if this works for you

Hi Mel,

Thank you for this. I have given it to the IT department. I will definitely let you know either way.


Hi there

I have exactly the same issue as Charmaine, with the added bonus of getting this on a Terminal Server with Office 365 installed as a local instance. My client had Office 2010 installed previously and all worked well until they upgraded to Office 365.

I have checked everything I know and also cleared the Registry of all old instances of Office. All reports that don't require the Report Designer Add-In work perfectly well. It is only reports that rely on the Report Designer Add-In that gives this error.

Any ideas as to where I can go from here?


HI.  I'm curious if anyone figured anything out on this.  We have a user with the exact same issue.  Thanks.  


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