Report Designer License Required Error on Schedule Report


Sage 100 v 2016 report was created using the Consol Financial Report Designer 1-1.  From the server set up Task Scheduler using the action generated from SI Report Mgr Scheduler tool. This generates the report to the c: drive of the server. 

Open the report on the server, and see "Report Designer Required" in all fields where the results of the GLActual, GLYTD function should be displaying the amount.  Checked the worksheets for accounts, actual, etc. have data, they do.

Checked Excel, Add-ons, with the report open and they are listed - see the attached image.

I'm not sure how to fix this issue. 

 tia for any ideas.

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Do you have a client version of Sage 100 installed on the server?

Hi Doug,

Yes if I follow you - Sage 100 workstation setup on the server and use this client on the server to access Sage and Sage Intelligence report manager and connector.

Is it possible

That's what I was thinking.

What were you thinking?

You need to install the client version of the Sage 100 on the server

It is installed, workstation setup for 5.3 was run on the server and that is how I access Sage and Sage Intelligence, from the server.

Something else to look for?


What happens when you run the report out of the Report Manager on the server.

I also have that problem


Error: "#NAME" or "#NAME?" displays in Excel when running a Report Designer Add-In report in Sage 100 Intelligence.




Sage 100

Sage Intelligence



Error: "#NAME" or "#NAME?" displays in Excel when running a Report Designer Add-In report in Sage 100 Intelligence.


Install Report Designer Add-in:

  1. Log into Sage Support Portal and click link to download Report Designer Add-in (see Related Resources Sage Intelligence Reporting Download Page for Sage 100 ERP)
  2. Close Excel and Sage 100 Intelligence
  3. Verify UAC (User Account Control) is set to Never Notify
  4. The Report Designer Add-In installation file MUST be saved to the local drive where it is going to be installed (ex. Desktop)
  5. Right click on the Report Designer Add-in v1.0Setup.exe file and click Run as Administrator
  6. Follow prompts to proceed through installation wizard.

If error still persists;

  1. Go to Excel, File, Options and click Add-Ins

For Microsoft Excel:

  1. Verify that Analysis ToolPak is NOT in the Active Application Add-Ins section
  2. Verify that Solver Add-In is NOT in the Active Application Add-Ins section 

If either Add-In is on the list, do the following:

  1. Highlight the Item then at the bottom of screen Manage should already be on Excel Add-Ins
  2. Click on Go button
  3. Uncheck those Add-Ins in that list and click on OK
  4. Verify that those Add-Ins now show in the Inactive Application Add-In section

For Sage 100 Intelligence:

  1. Verify the following appear in the Active Application Add-ins section:
  2. Report Designer Add-in 1.0.0 / Type = Excel Add-in
  3. Report Designer Add-In 1.0.0 (Custom Task Pane Helper) / Type = COM Add-in

If either Add-In is not on the list, scroll to the bottom of the screen to the Manage section and do the following:

  1. Select Excel Add-ins from the Manage drop down list and click Go
  2. If the Report Designer Add-in 1.0 is listed, check the box.
  3. If the Report Designer Add-in 1.0 is not listed, click Browse and browse to: C:\Program Files\Common Files\BIExcelFunctions\32bit\Sage.BI.ExcelFunctions.xll **Note: If on a 64-bit machine go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BIExcelFunctions\32bit\Sage.BI.ExcelFunctions.xll and click Ok
  4. Note: when the Report Designer Add-in 1.0.0 is selected the Report Designer Add-In 1.0.0 (Custom Task Pane Helper) should be dynamically selected. If it is not listed, click COM Add-ins from the Manage drop down and click Go and If Report Designer Add-In 1.0.0 (Custom Task Pane Helper) is on the list check the box
  5. Verify that the Sage Intelligence Add-Ins now show in the Active Application Add-In section
  6. If may be necessary to exit Excel and Reopen to see all changes and Add-Ins in their correct location

If Add-Ins are still are not on the listed in Excel, please do the following ordered steps to reinstall the Report Designer Add-in:

  1. In Report Manager, rename the Report Designer Add-in and Report Designer Add-in Consolidation folders
  2. Using Add and Remove Programs, select Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Report Designer Add-in and click Uninstall
  3. Reinstall the Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Report Designer Add-in.

Important Reminders for Installing:

  • If installing on Windows 7 or higher, right click on the .exe file and select Run as Administrator.
  • Sage support recommends you disable User Account Control (UAC). For more information, please see
  • Sage Intelligence AND Excel must both be closed when installing Report Designer Add-In. And the user must have Local Administrator Permissions.


If error still persists and the Report Designer Add-in is listed in Excel Add-ins, close Excel and Report Manager

  1. Open Excel
  2. Open Report Manager, generate report with Excel already opened

Note: If error is occurs when opening a distributed Report Designer Add-in type of report, please see related article below to install the Sage Intelligence Distribution Patch on the local machine that is generating the report.

Possible Workaround:

  1. In Excel, select a cell displaying the "#NAME?# error
  2. Click the fx button
  3. Click Ok
  4. Correct value amount will now display in cell
    • Note: Repeat steps above for every cell that is displaying the error

Defect ID

Defect 102994
ALCH 19895

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