I am running two reports off of BIC, that were created by someone who does report writing. Both reports, each, consolidate 2 companies sales into one & have always balanced. However now we are importing the invoices and not manually capturing them, and some entries have negative invoice values. Now the one report pics up the negative invoice, and the other does not. So, ie one report will say we sold 121 units, and the other 123.  Where 121 is correct as 2 items were invoiced at a negative value (ie returned stock).  Can anyone help me find out where I should start looking? I have checked filters and parameters, and they vary slightly, and once I mirror the changes, it completely destroys the format of the report and still does not pick up the neg invoice on the raw data in sheet one. HELP?

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Also, the lady who wrote the custom report no longer does it, and cannot remember how she set it up initially.  These are custom reports.


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