Report on debit and credit movement (Sage 300 SI)?

Hi everyone, 

I did see this question posted before but was not able to find an answer applicable to my situation. I would like to find a way to report on the debit and credit movement for an account for certain period. For example, for my bank account, I would like to know how much I had flow in (debit movement) and how much I had flow out (credit movement).

I understand for the GLActual300 formula there is an argument on balance type (debit vs credit), but that is to distinguish balance only. I need the sum of all the debit journal entry lines and credit journal entry lines. How can I approach that?


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There is a report that you can get through the Report Utility called General Ledger Transaction Details Including Opening Balances that can give you this information.

I was also trying to figure out if this is possible in Report Designer without unioning in another report. The FR formula for this is 



Is there a way to do this in Sage Intelligence without unioning in the GL Trans Details (since union reports are not be able to utilize the task pane formulas, drilldowns, etc.)?

My similar discussion question is at:

Hi Gabriela, 

If I understand correctly, FRTRN above is the Financial Reporter formula in Sage 300.

Report Designer in Sage Intelligence is getting data from the GL financial summary table GLAFS.

So, to include GL Transaction detail debit and credit, you can either:

- union GL Trans Details; or 

- create and union a simpler report that you create that get the information from GLPOST.  

Hope that help.

That makes sense. I think you are right that a simple GLPOST union should be fairly straightforward to union in. Thank you!


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