Report Shortcut does not use correct metadata repository.

A report shortcut created from Report Manager launches using the default (local) metadata repository rather than the one that is configured. Thus the shortcut results in either an error (report does not exist) or the incorrect report being launched.

Is there a command line option for the shortcut that can set the metadata repository?

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Hi Gregory 

I think an easier way would be to re-create the shortcut, because once something changes in the initial config of the report, an upgrade or change of metadata, the shortcut becomes obsolete.

Right click on your report in report manager then click on the "Create report shortcut" this will create a new shortcut for you

Hi Tesh

There has been no recent change to our metadata location, it is on a shared server.

The shortcut was created in Report Manager, which has correct metadata configuration (shared server). However, when the shortcut is launched the default (local) metadata location is used.

If it helps the shortcut created by Report Manager has this target:

C:\SageIntelligenceReporting73\BICore.exe -R92  -INO_USER -E -J{TENANT_CODE=DEFAULT}{DBTYPE=3}{_publicLANGCODE=en}

Report ID 92 exists in our server-based metadata repository, but not in the default local one.


To further clarify:

  • A fresh report was developed in Sage Intelligence with the metadata data repository on a network share.
  • The shortcut for that report uses the local (default) metadata repository.

How can report shortcuts be made to work with a shared metadata repository?

Hey community - is there no assistance for this question?

I'd really like to publish to our team shortcuts for reports. However, the shortcuts default to the local metadata rather than that on the network share.

I'd appreciate it if someone could say "hey it works for me, you must be doing it wrong" or "hey I have the same issue".



I encounter that once before.  So, this is the step I took.

1. I copy the meta data folder to the default location

2. Create the shortcut and see if it runs.

3. Then I remove the meta data that is sitting at the default location and it seems to work.


Thanks for the reply and the suggestion.

However, the new shortcuts result in "report ## does not exist" or "output template file not found".

In both instances the local Metadata folder (which is empty) gets a temporary alchemex.ldb lock file. This tells me that the network share metadata isn't being accessed.

I can only assume that something is amiss with the Sage Intelligence installation. I'll try again on a separate (non-development) machine. Wish me luck!


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