Hi Guys

I have created a customer delivery report through the report manager the report uses a custom view to get the data into the data container.

For some reason I cannot get this report to appear in Evolution. I have check
all the repository locations and set up options. The report can be seen by any
pc through the report manager . I have called upon the Pastel support guys  who have no answers either. I have compacted
and backed up the metadata. Any ideas why this wouldn’t work ?
I get a error message when trying to open the PLMAINT.exe

“the application failed to start because its side by side configuration is not correct please see the application log for more details “ Windows server 2008


Further to this the report will not accept any filters or parameters I add on to the report through the report manager  by this I mean the raw data coming through to excel doesn’t seem to pay any attention to the filters or parameters I add on the reports.

Is this because I am using a sq l or something view ?



Any help or information would be very welcome.


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"For some reason I cannot get this report to appear in Evolution."
you need to ensure "Make Available via SDK" is ticked in your specific reports Advanced section in Report Manager

Not sure why your PLMAINT.exe won't start in Win Server 2008 - Suspect this might be a Windows OS problem,Try to install the latest version of VC++ MSMs or VCRedist.EXE Double check, but I think it's the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)

"will not accept any filters or parameters "
If your report runs off a "Source Container (SQL Query)" then you define your filters in the query - the Parameters tab in Report Manager is used for pass thru variable only when using "Source Container (SQL Query)".


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