when creating row sets you can use

- Account

- Account Group Category

Based on what I see, Account Group Category is the Sage's 21 internal Group Categories.  

Is there any way to use the customized Account Group or Sort Code that have been created.

if there isn't.  Has anyone updated the GLACGRP:ACCTGRPDES to a customized name and used the internal 21 group categories that way with BI without any other ramifications?

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Hi Valeri.

You won't be able to use Sort Codes or (custom) Group Codes in the Layout Generator.  These lists are however present in the Account Groups list in the Task Pane.  If you want to make a layout based on them you will need to use the Task Pane.  The Task Pane formulas like GLActual also don't have a filter field for Sort Code, so it would need to be based on Group Codes. 

thank you for your reply.  I was familiar with that option but what I am really looking for is the "show account detail" and use of the Qtr's columns that are available in the layout generator.    I am correct that using the task pane there is no way to get the "show account detial" like option where it builds the list of accounts in that grouping - just the fact that you can sum up to one value all the accounts in that section.  Would appreciate you confirming that I don't have that wrong.

The only other thing I can think of is Dynamic Account Ranges, from the tools tab on the Task Pane.  You can find information on it here:


thanks yes that is most helpful I did not know about dynamic rows.  It is pretty good.  The one problem is I can't seem to use grouping because if the sections change in length it gets messed up.  Would just like to confirm that there isn't an option to resolve this that I don't know about.  Just want to understand what I can and can't do.

Yes you won't be able to use grouping.  Another limitation is that Dynamic Ranges have to be refreshed manually each time a report is run out, but this is for performance reasons.  There is also a known issue with Dynamic Ranges on 300 when using an account group/category as your rule and including the Structure Code formula in your template row.  Let me know if you ever come across this as we do have a workaround.

thanks for you help.  I went with writing a sql script that generated by account #'s separated by + signs for  the groups that I can cut and paste into row sets.  It allows me to use the layout generator to get all the advantages from that tool.  Can't live without groupings really so couldn't use the other route.   It's not ideal but the best solution given all the options we discussed here.  Thanks for all your help.


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