Running Union Consolidation reports with different companies in Sub-Reports

Hi Everyone,

I have only just noticed that when running union consolidation reports, if you have different companies selected in your sub reports, the union report will only return data for the companies selected in the first report that is run.

I can think of a number of ways around this, but is it not possible to run the report based on the companies selected at the sub-report level?

Many thanks,

Ian Barbour

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Hi Ian 

If I understand the above correctly you may want to apply Pass Through variables to your report so you could then pass the company name into the report and filter the sub report further. 

Check out this webcast on pass through variables : Pass Through Variables and how to use them

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Hi Carmen,

The problem is more to do with the way the databases are selected when using Consolidated containers.   When you have a Union report, each Sub report has databases selected in the "Database Consolidation List".   When the Union report runs it only looks at the Databases in the first sub report that is run and then uses these in all the other reports.

With the report that I am running, not every database has the same tables and therefore some of the sub reports fail.   To get around this I have hard connected some of the containers to the databases rather than use AutoConnect.   This resolves the issue, but what I would like to confirm is that with Union Consolidation reports you really only need top select the Databases for the first report that is run.

Many thanks,



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