How can I tell which Sage tables are used and which specific fields in one of the Free Reports. Specifically, for one, Sales Rep Report. Which table is the Salesperson No (Name) taken from? I need to ensure the Salesperson No is taken from the AR Customer table.

Thanks very much.

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Hi Lynn, 

You can see the tables and fields used for all reports from the Connector module.  If you do not have the Connector module then you can reach out to your Sage Partner for this information.

This also depends on which version of Sage Intelligence you are using.  

The table used for SalespersonNo is  AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader,  There is another SalespersonNo which comes from AR_Customer. 

Your partner can help you add any field as well. 

There are additional benefits to using the Connector module if you don't already have it. Here is just one video on explaining how the Connector works from our website:

Thank you, Sandra

I do have a Connector and can see the Container but I am unsure of how to change the verbiage to get AR_Customer Salesperson instead of the AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader. Salesperson. Are there any instructions on how to do that? Management does not like for me to contact our partner.


Lynn - I had some time and revised the Sales Rep report to use the Salesperson name assigned to the Customer.

Import the attached and see if it's what you were looking for.



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