Can the Inventory Image stored in the CI Item table be displayed in the output file or pivot table?

Sage 100 stores the *.jpg field in "CI_Item"."ImageFile"

Additional Information is stored in "CI_Item".ItemImageWidthInPixels and "CI_Item"."ItemImageheightInPixels"

How do I display the actual image next to the Item Description in my output report?

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Hi Dan,

Connecting Excel to a DB to capture an image may not work unless the file type is recognized by Excel.

Excel natively understands raw data and as a result, this connection would most likely result in some scrambled characters being displayed in the cell instead of the image.

Excel uses the "Insert Object" feature to add image files into cells and automating this with VBA for Excel could possibly get you to the desired outcome although it will require some coding skills.

It may help to check in with one of the Sage Intelligence consultants who may have experienced the same and possibly have a solution for you... you'll be able to find their details at

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,


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