Sage 300 Intelligence 22 Company Consolidate TB with Dynamic Account Ranges SLOW

I created a new consolidated trial balance report for a Sage 300 customer recently that includes 22 companies in the consolidation. The Dynamic Account range refresh takes 24+ hours to run, even on the pretty highly-powered server. The customer has extremely strict rules around data sharing, so I've done a mock-up here to show the basic design. Has anyone run into anything of this nature? I have some other experience with Dynamic Ranges where it's pretty slow, but nothing like this particular case with so many companies. Each company has the same chart of accounts, so I have one Account Rule per section (A4 in the screen shot). There is one Dynamic Range per template row, and each of those template rows are summarized (example: =F5:F5+F6:F6 and so on). The GLClosingBalance formula references the company code in Column C for each template row. The customer is not too thrilled about the results, so I would appreciate any suggestions. Also open to ideas on a total re-design. 

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Good day

With dynamic account ranges turned on the calulations are bound to take a little longer. I have overcomed this by turning automatic calculations off on the workbook. Im not sure if this suggestion will be practical for you. .

Please see below artical on how to switch the calculation on or off:

Kindly advise if this helped?

Hi, if you are looking for consolidation and currency conversion of Sage 300 companies, we have several clients doing it. You can email me to  Some of then are currently consolidating +20 companies, the entire process takes about 30 minutes.


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