Hi All,

I have written an Income Statement, Pulling actuals Formula it is doubling or (Multiplied by 2) the Number.

Can someone assist how to resolve this. what do I need to do.

Kind Regards


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Hi Noble,

If your system is multi currency check that you are not pulling in both the Functional (F) values and the Equivalent (E) values with your formulas.

Yes my system is Multi currency and not pulling Source currency equivalent values, how can this be rectified.

There is a parameter in your Actuals formula to define the currency.  Double click the actuals formula then click the formula editor button.  Scroll down until you find the currency parameters

Thank you Debbi that is helpful, Just one more question Almost all the Standard are not picking the functional currency but the source Currency, if its USD its coming as that not being Translated to the reporting currency hence am having my reports distorted.

How can I correct this on all the reports. To get accurate numbers.


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