Hi, I am using Sage 300 2018cloud.

I would like to confirm whether below features are available in Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud:

1)  Do the below features which available in desktop version also AVAILABLE in Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud?

(a)  Missing Accounts

(b)  Dynamic Account Ranges

(c)  ZeroingII Add-In

(d)  Reporting Tree

2) How to create the report in Sage 300cloud when I want to see each business unit (by GL segment) in each column (as this can be done using Reporting Tree in desktop version)? 

3) Can Sage 300cloud enable drill down on values like the desktop version?

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Hi Cecy,

No these features will not be available in Reporting cloud, however 300 c also has the desktop version of Sage Intelligence so if you run out a report in the cloud you can download it to Excel and have these functions available to you.

There is training available on how you can create reports in Reporting cloud using this link or once you log onto Intelligence Reporting cloud, there is a "Show me how" and "Learn more" button which will walk you through how to create reports 


Drill downs are also not available in the cloud version, but same as above you can download a report to Excel and have all these functions available to you, 



Hi Mel,

Thanks so much for your reply.

Does Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud support the 'mathematical calculation' such as account code in range example:

A/C    Description         $

4020  Sales, chairs     100

4030  Sales, desks      200

4040  Sales, cabinets  300

4050  Sales, dividers   400

4060  Sales, samples  500

Can we have the formula set as (4020 TO 4060) - (4040 + 4050) in the row set? So that the amount will reflect as 800?

I can't find this in any of the video though.


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