Anyone know of any documentation for setting up Alias Tables with Sage Intelligence? 


Situation: I'm working with Sage 50 US.  I need both the Salesperson Employee ID (sales invoice) as well Employee ID for Labor hours (payroll check) on the same report. The salesperson EmpRecordNumber is stored in the JRLHDR.  The employee EmpRecordNumber for labor hours is maintained in JRLROW.  So I need to link Employee file to get Employee ID/Name for both.


Since I have to call the Employee File twice, I need an alias....right?


This join works for the salesperson in the JRNLHDR


LEFT JOIN “Employee”

ON “JrnlHdr”.”EmpRecordNumber” = “Employee”.”EmpRecordNumber”


So I’ve come up with this for the second call to the Employee file.  Can’t find much on syntax for aliases, so not sure what I’m doing wrong.  But the check test there worked with the following: 


LEFT JOIN “Employee” as “LaborEmployee”

ON “JrnlRow”.”EmpRecordNumber” = “Employee”.”EmpRecordNumber”


Connector let me add an expression for table “LaborEmployee” so appeared to be working as anticipated..  I selected Employee ID and all appeared good.  I renamed this field to EmployeeIDLabor. Check/test on connector and all expressions returned no errors.

Added new field within Report Manager--no problem.  Ran report and no data is flowing into the new field. I'm getting the payroll transactions flowing in (they were flowing in before), just not getting any data coming into the new EmployeeIDLabor.

What am I missing?  Any help would be so appreciated.

Thanks, Suzy

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