Sage Intelligence Report Designer Reporting Tree Network Path Not Found When Sharing Reports

Error in reporting tree path when sharing report designer report and .tre file. I am trying to make modifications to a clients Financial Report. I do not have their Sage Data on my system. Instead I asked them to send me the report and the .tre file. I put the .tre file in the location where all of my Reporting Trees are (C:\Sage\Sage 300 ERP\BXDATA\SQL\ReportTrees). When I open the report, any formula with a Reporting Tree in it shows #VALUE!. When I go to Trees on the Task Pane, it says no reporting trees are created. When I click Manage, I get the following error :

' An error occurred trying to create the Reporting trees folder [\\acctserver\Sage300\BXDATA\SQL\ReportTrees]. The error was: The network path was not found.'

I also tried creating a path similar to the one the report is trying to connect to and putting the .tre file in it (C:\acctserver\Sage300\BXDATA\SQL\ReportTrees), but that still didn't work. Can I still work with this Report, even through the Metadata Directory is very different than mine? Can I tell it to look for the reporting trees in a different location?

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Hi Gabriela,

I had a look at the .tre file and the contents was corrupt. I've managed to fix the .tre file which should eliminate the error you've been experiencing as Sage Intelligence should now identify the file as a report tree.

Please copy the attached .tre file into the reporting trees directory and then open the report.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,



I deleted the old tree and pasted in the one that you attached, then reopened the report. I am still getting the error (error occurred trying to creat the Reporting Trees folder [\\acctserver\Sage300\BXDATA\SQL\ReportTrees\]). It seems like it is the Excel file that is not looking in the correct location. All my other reports look at the location C:\Sage\Sage 300 ERP\BXDATA\SQL\ReportTrees



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