Sage Pastel migration from single-user to multi-user reporting errors

Hi all,

We've got a client that has migrated from Pastel SU to MU.

When they did this all Workstations lost reporting access to "new data". That is, as of the MU switch, the data being reported on seems to have "Frozen" in time. They can no longer access live data from their workstations.

However, the same reports run on the server computer render perfect reports. All the data is present when the reports are run on the server.

Obvious things we checked on the workstations..

  1. Metadata repos ( those are set up correctly, pointing at the Registration folder on the server )
  2. Uninstalling and reinstalling SAI
  3. Re-registering the Workstations with the server
  4. Copying the Registration folders to the workstations and running Pastel out of those folders ( for testing purposes )
  5. Reconfiguring the local workstation ODBC drivers to point at the new data on the server

The client will be getting a connector license soon, where we can then look more closely at the problem. Any recommendations in the meantime?

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Good day

Normally upgrading to MU wont affect your data or your reports. That is litterally just a new reg code and should still look at your correct data. This is something that needs to be investigated by Pastel support. I suggest you get in contact with them and im sure they will troubleshoot and find the issue on your system,

Hope all works out:) 


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