When I try to save an Excel Template, I get an error message stating "Error Number : [1004] ; Description : [SaveAs Method of Workbook class failed] ; Source : [Microsoft Excel]"

This happens no matter which version (.xlt, .xltb, .xltm, .xltx) I choose and happens whether I have modified the spreadsheet at all or not. I am running out of Sage 50 US 2015 and using Excel 2013.

My only workaround has been to first save the excel document and then select that saved document as the template, but that wipes of my BI add-ins, which I need for distribution.

Please advise if anyone knows the solution.

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Hi Phil.

What add-ins are you referring to by "BI add-ins"?

Try see what happens if you go to your templates folder, open the template, save it as either xltx or xltm and then link it to your report using Save Excel Template.

Let me know what happens.

I also got Error Number: [1004] SaveAs method of Workbook class failed . This happened when trying to save the template back to Report Manager. It turns out that my Report Name had a slash in it. This was automatically putting a slash in the template name, which is an illegal character. Note to self - check for any illegal characters in the template name when I get Error Number 1004!


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