Simple If Then Statement in Container produces Error, Manually works fine in Excel

I have created a simple legacy job cost report which is attached.  An IF Then statement continues to error.  I broke the If Then statement down into singular IF Then excel expressions and then added them together and this still does not work.  When I do the IF Then statement directly in excel after the report runs it calculates fine.  When I hit F2 on the container formula I get the attached excel error.  I think this is an easy fix, I'm just not seeing it.  Any input is greatly appreciated.

ActualTotal$orCost ActualTotalCalc CostTypeCalc BillMethod
65 65 0 U
#VALUE! =IF(BillMethod="U",ActualTotal$,0) =IF(BillMethod="%",CostType%Amount,0) U
#VALUE! =IF(BillMethod="U",ActualTotal$,0) =IF(BillMethod="%",CostType%Amount,0) U

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Hi Michelle.

I think the problem has to do with your column names.  When the report runs out, named ranges are created from these.  Excel doesn't allow most punctuation marks for range names so these are converted to underscores.  You'll see if you change your formulas to the below it resolves:



Yes, that fixed it.  I knew I was overlooking an easy fix.  Thank you so much.


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