Simplest way to create report that summarizes balances based on segment description

I have been asked if I can create a consolidated report that will summarize balances based on the segment description.   We have two segments in our account numbers.  The second segment is the cost center.   Some of the cost center descriptions in the segment list start with a pound sign followed by a number of various lengths.  (eg.. #1345.1.2 Bunda Project)    I want to be able get the balances for any cost center that has this pattern in the description.   

1345.1.2   600.00

1345.1.3   800.00


Is this possible?  If so, please explain how in as much detail as possible.  I don't use SI all that much.

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Hi Andy.

Are you looking to do this using the Report Designer?  I can't see it being possible with any of the Task Pane or Layout Generator functionality.

If you have a report that brings through your balances then this may be possible by creating a pivot table of the data, and using something like a Begins With filter on your description field.  The filter allows wildcarding which you can use to create a regular expression.

Otherwise you would need to look at implementing this type of filtering in the relevant report container using SQL syntax.

I'm looking to do it with whatever method works.   After playing around with it yesterday I started down the path that you suggested of using a pivot table and also thought about the possibility of using SQL syntax in the container so thanks for the confirmation.  :-)  

I suggest taking a look at the Actuals sub-report container from the Report Designer, to see if it has all the info you need, creating a new report off that and then add a pivot.

If you're looking to consolidate multiple companies then the following video might help when working with the container to ensure you don't break the Report Designer.


Alternatively you could just create a copy of the Report Designer as it should have all the relevant information.  But may then also have a lot of unnecessary info for your purposes, hence the above suggestion.  I would use the Report Designer as the starting point though to prevent having to create a new container from scratch.

by "Report Designer" do you mean the one labeled "Financial Reports Designer" in the Designer folder?  After running that one it wants me to map accounts which doesn't work for us because we don't use account groups.

I think I found what I needed.  Thanks Peter.


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