Can you now distribute reports using authenticated SMTP (like with office 365)?  If so, how?

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Hi Stefan 

Do you have a desktop install of 365 or is it the full cloud version?

Hi Tech

I presume it is the full cloud version.  This is on the Sage server and there is no office installation.

Hi Stefan.

Did you resolve this.  If not can you provide some more details on what you're trying to do.  How are you running your reports out?

Hi Peter

This has not been resolved yet.  I need to distribute reports with an office365 account.  This uses authenticated SMTP.

Are you running your reports out to Excel?

No.  I am using the SMTP add-in in report manager.

Hi Stefan.

Sorry for the delayed response here.  The SMTP add-in only supports unauthenticated SMTP.  So you would need to find a public SMTP server if you wanted to use it.

For authenticated SMTP you need to use the Distribution Options in a report once run out.

In both these cases the report needs to be rendered to Excel and I'm not sure then how your reports are running out if you say there is no Excel installed.


A public SMTP server will not authenticate the e-mail address(Office365) that we want the report to be send from.

Then you'll need to look at the Distribution Options.


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