Appreciate some help with Excel formula.

I am trying to get YTD figures using Sumifs.

I have a list of data that is in as excel table Format.

So, let's say I want to YTD for period 2

For Fiscal Period criteria, If I keep it as AE$4, it works and return Period 2 data.

However, what I really need is Period 1 + Period 2.

The following returns me zero.


Appreciate some help here.

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Hi Shwu.

Did you get anywhere with this?  If not can you please post an example of the data or send it to me directly.


I did, thanks for following up. I just need to create another column in the Table to be the numeric Fiscal Period and use that in the formula.

The original Fiscal Period return to the Table is in text, even though I have formatted it to be numeric.

Good to hear!


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