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On Sage Evolution, where do I get the data to create the Supplier age on SIC, and to sort it according different parameters?


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Hi Henning.

Please have a look at the link below which should assist you in identifying the base tables used in the Evolution DB.

I think you'll have better success contacting the Evolution support team to identify were the specific information you're looking for can be found in the DB.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,

Thank you, will check and try

I have done a similar report on Debtors, works like a bomb, see script below and amend

ALTER proc [dbo].[zspThymeDebtorsReport] (@RunDate dateTIME)


truncate table _etblAllocsDCLinkRangeTemp
insert into _etblAllocsDCLinkRangeTemp (DCLink)
select DCLink from _bvARAccountsFull where (IsNull(MainAccLink,0)=0) and
((select round(IsNull(SUM(Debit),0)-IsNull(SUM(Credit),0),2) from PostAR where AccountLink=DCLink and TxDate<=@RunDate)<>0)

--exec [Cicoti HeadOffice]..sp_procedure_params_rowset N'_espSetPostARAPAge',1,NULL,NULL

exec _espSetPostARAPAge;1 'AR',@RunDate,NULL,4

select c.credit_limit,C.Account,C.Name,c.Tax_Number,C.Credit_Limit,B.cBranchDescription,B.cBranchCode,A.Age1 as Age_1,
A.Age2 as Age_2,A.Age3 as Age_3,A.Age4 as Age_4,A.Age5 as Age_5,A.Age6 as Age_6,A.Age7 as Age_7,
A.FCAge1 as FCAge_1,A.FCAge2 as FCAge_2,A.FCAge3 as FCAge_3,A.FCAge4 as FCAge_4,A.FCAge5 as FCAge_5,A.FCAge6 as FCAge_6,A.FCAge7 as FCAge_7,
case when c.AccountTerms = 0 then 'Current'
when c.AccountTerms = 1 then '30_Days'
when c.AccountTerms = 2 then '60_Days'
when c.AccountTerms = 3 then '90_Days'
when c.AccountTerms = 4 then '120_Days'
when c.AccountTerms = 5 then '150_Days' end as AccTerms,


from [dbo]._efnAgedPostARBalancesSumExtra(@RunDate, null) A
ON C.DCLink = A.AccountLink
LEFT JOIN _etblBranch B
ON B.idBranch = C.Client_iBranchID


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