Task Pane and Drill Down Not loading because Excel Add in loading from wrong version (64 bit versus 32 bit)

Task Pane and Drill Down Not loading because Excel Add in loading from wrong version (64 bit versus 32 bit)

One of my clients had an issue with the Sage Report Designer Task Pane not loading (due to Excel Add-ins) and we tried activating and reloading the Excel Add-ins, but with no result. We got Tech Support to look and they could not find a solution either. I thought I would post the scenario and what worked for us in the end here in case anyone runs up against the same problem.

The computer originally had Excel 64-bit installed, but they decided to remove it and install 32-bit instead. Excel was completely removed before the 32-bit was installed. When we opened Excel on its own, we saw the Report Designer Addins (one Com Add-in and one Excel Add-in) were both 32-bit (from location C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BIExcelFunctions1.1\32bit\Sage.BI.ExcelFunctions1.1.xll), so it should have been good. However, when we ran a Designer report from Sage, the Add-in would mysteriously switch to the 64-bit add-in (from \\Common Files\BIExcelFunctions1.1\64bit\). Both I and Sage Tech tried all the usual methods of making 64-bit inactive and 32 active, but it would always revert back. We even tried renaming and moving the 64 bit, but Excel still somehow would put it back. The only way to stop the 64-but from overtaking was to open excel first and then run the report, but even then, the Task Pane would show but the Drill Downs would not work. We did not get full functionality until we tried the following solution:

We made a copy of the 64 bit folder and put it somewhere else on the system for safe keeping. Then we took a copy of the .xll file from the 32 bit folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BIExcelFunctions1.1\32bit\Sage.BI.ExcelFunctions1.1.xll ) and we overwrote the one in the 64 bit folder with that 32 bit one (paste it into C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BIExcelFunctions1.1\64bit).

Now when we run Report Designer reports from Sage the Task Pane and the Drill Down work with no problems. Not the most elegent solution, but it worked in a pinch.

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