Has anyone encountered and resolved an issue with Sage intelligence report designer add in task pane display? 

Excel for Office 365 MSO (16.0.10730.20102) 32-bit


I have already tried various combinations of display settings in Windows.  See screen shots below.



Also, I cannot resize the manage reporting trees?



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Steve - I don't think Office 365 is supported.

You may want to check with Support.

It is resolved through a workaround.  I have a 2nd monitor.  If I turn off the primary monitor (my laptop monitor) and make the external monitor the only monitor, then run a Sage Intelligence Designer Add-in report, all of the Sage Intelligence windows (including task pane and Manage Reporting Trees, etc.) display with no problems. 


Very strange that it won’t display properly on my laptop monitor if I make my laptop monitor the only monitor.


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