Task Pane display issues and Manage trees display issues

Has anyone encountered and resolved an issue with Sage intelligence report designer add in task pane display? 

Excel for Office 365 MSO (16.0.10730.20102) 32-bit


I have already tried various combinations of display settings in Windows.  See screen shots below.



Also, I cannot resize the manage reporting trees?



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Steve - I don't think Office 365 is supported.

You may want to check with Support.

It is resolved through a workaround.  I have a 2nd monitor.  If I turn off the primary monitor (my laptop monitor) and make the external monitor the only monitor, then run a Sage Intelligence Designer Add-in report, all of the Sage Intelligence windows (including task pane and Manage Reporting Trees, etc.) display with no problems. 


Very strange that it won’t display properly on my laptop monitor if I make my laptop monitor the only monitor.


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