I am new to using Intelligence reporting.  I am trying to set up the consolidated companies, however my tenant cache is grayed out.  In reading some of the prior posts I saw suggestions on running intelligence reports in each to get them to show up.  Unfortunately this did not work for me.  Does anyone have another suggestion on how to get it to show the companies I have in Sage?

Autoconnect is checked as well as Consolidation Connection on the consolidated connection I created.

Thank you!


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Hi Sandi, 

You should open Report Manager for each of your companies. Doing this should cache the company database.  


Hi Sandra.

Thank you for replying!  I actually watched one of your videos on youtube yesterday! 

So I did open Report Manager in each company and even ran a report in each and this did not fix the issue.  The tenant cache is still grayed out.  Could there be another solution to try?

Thank you!

Hi Sandi, 

I work with other Sage products so not sure what else to suggest. I'll see if I can find additional help. 



Are you trying to include your companies on the database consolidation list? If so:

- Open up the report you want to consolidate in the report manager.

- Go to the properties tab

- Check the box at the bottom to show advanced properties

- You should see the database consolidation list appear towards the top (under the report name)

- Click the ellipses (...) button to the right

- A list of your companies will appear

- Choose which companies you want in the consolidation

Hi David,

Thank you for replying.  Below is a screen shot of a report I opened to try your suggestion.  Under report name I am not seeing database consolidation.  Did I go to the wrong screen?

Have you imported the report into the consolidated connection?

If so, email me at david.bryant@sage.com

Hi, if you are looking for consolidation and currency conversion of Sage 300 companies, we have several clients doing it. You can email me to mcatalano@adssglobal.net


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