Hi all,

I'm trying to create a union report that holds Sales volume data on Sheet1 and GL Fiscal set data on Sheet2. Sales Volume data has 3 Databases in the consolidation list while the GL Fiscal set data has 5 Databases in the consolidation list. When the report is ran, it only generates data for the 3 databases from the sales volume report. 

I've tried to have the same consolidation list for both reports but unfortunately my final database does not include any sale data. 

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi Faiyung

This issue can be caused by the Tenant Cache, if those companies are not in your tenant cache they will not show up in your report,

Try this, log into sage 300 with one of the companies that isnt showing up, access Report manager and run out any report, this will populate your tenant cache, do this for all companies.

Let me know if this works 



Hi Mel,

That seems to have done the trick!, Thank you so much. To follow up, Is there a way to keep the union report from applying the same consolidation list to the entire report set? I.e. I have one report that only requires data from one Database and has only that one listed under the Consolidation list. However, when the report is generated im given the applicable data for other databases from different consolidation lists. 

Thanks a ton,


Hi Faiyung.

If you have your databases listed in the Database Consolidation List under the properties of each sub report and you select the appropriate ones then data should only be pulled for the selected databases.  If this isn't happening then it's likely a problem with the report.  I suggest logging this with Sage 300 support.

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