I'm looking for some confirmation on how people are handling Sage 100 Intelligence upgrades. My rule of thumb was if there haven’t been any SI changes between versions I would just copy the alcamex.svd, trees, templates and distribution folders from the old repository to the new repository and then point the upgraded Sage 100 Intelligence to the new repository. However, in SI 2015 they added the missing accounts feature so if someone was coming from an earlier version (2014 and lower) I would upgrade by exporting and importing templates.

There really haven’t been any changes since 2015 so I’ve been copying the files and it seems to be working out fine and is way less time. Also, in Sage 100 2018 when launching report manager do you ever it still says Sage 2015 at the top which means there hasn't been any changes that would require an export/import?

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Hi Dana,


Firstly, make a backup as you mention of svd and templates and reporting trees etc. and install 2018 .Secondly, point the 2018 setup to the backup as the metadata repository and it should work fine, there are no major changes that would require an importing or exporting





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