We have the need for some adhoc account groupings in our  Sage50 IR reports.   I was hoping to facilitate this using the 'additional info' fields on our GL accounts...with some summary elements.   However, I don't see fields 1-5 in any of the selection fields of IR.    Is it possible to reference those fields?

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Hi Kevin.

Is this any standard report in particular? These fields might already be part of the container your report makes use of in which case you can try add the fields to the report in the Report Manager.  If not then you'll need to edit the container for the report in the Connector module.  The fields might already be part of the container but just need to be added as Expressions.  If not then you'll need to look at joining the particular table that holds the information.

We recently released a video series on working with the Connector which you can subscribe to here:


Otherwise you can get in touch with a Report Writer for further assistance:


Peter.   I am using a copy derived from the standard Financial Reports Designer.   I looked at adding the fields in the Sub report, but those fields are not available.    I will investigate your suggestion re. the Connector module.  Thanks!


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