I am trying to use system variables in output file name.  However, when I run out the report, the file gets named exactly as indicated in the output file field.

Meaning:  I am trying to name the file as:  C:\my reports\goal @Month@.xlxs

However, the file gets name exactly as written above.  The system variable is not replaced with the current month.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, can I use multiple variables in the output name?

Thank you

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Stacey, there is no native way to do that in Sage Intelligence Reporting.

You could run a macro 'On Save' that reads the appropriate cell content on 'Sheet 2' and names the file that way. In this way you could have multiple variable names in the file name.


Stacy - To add a System Variable to the Output File name the System Variable must be all Upper Case. No spaces in the the file name and the extension should be .xls.

i.e. C:\my reports\goal-@MONTH@.xls

And yes you can use multiple system variables.

To get the Period-Year it would look like:

C:\my reports\goal-@MONTH@-@YEAR@.xls

Thank you - That worked perfectly.....


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