When scheduling a report using Windows Scheduler, what license does Sage Intelligence use? Which license/workstation combination does it use and under what circumstances will the schedule not work due to the licensing structure?

Thanks, Craig

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This can depend on whether we are talking fully integrated licensing (like Sage 300 Intelligence) or not like in the case of Sage 100 Intelligence.

In the case of Sage 300, you would require a workstation/server that is licensed with a Report Manager to have the report scheduled.

In the case of Sage 100, you would require a workstation/server that is licensed with either a Connector License or a Report Manager License to have a report scheduled.

Hope that helps Craig.

Hi Stephen

Thanks for your reply but in this case we do have those prerequisites.

The question is more aimed at how the schedule command fits into the licensing structure.

We have a situation where a customer has set up a schedule command using Windows Scheduler and under some conditions it works only when specific user credentials are provided to the Windows Scheduler. When it does not work, a Windows error is returned stating that there are not sufficient permissions. I have two questions:

1) What user credentials should be provided to the Windows Task Scheduler and

2) Does the user have to be logged onto Windows for the scheduler to run successfully

Thanks, Craig

Hi Stephen,

We have a Sage 300 site running a couple of scheduled reports, but notice that if all the Report Manager licenses are used then the report will not run.   Is there a way of locking a license to a user or having a scheduled task to remove a user license?

Many thanks,



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