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Quick question: Is there a way to change the character that Sage Intelligence uses as a WildCard? I would need it to work in the Report Designer Formulas as well as in the Reporting Trees.

Thanks for your help!



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What are you looking to accomplish?

It's an environment with 100s of reports that have been upgraded from an older version of SI where & works as wildcard. I just want to know how they tricked SI into using & as wildcard in the old version. The client doesn't like the idea of doing a find and replace in 100s of reports to exchange & with ?.

What version of Sage Intelligence are they coming from?

IDK for sure. I haven't been on the system. I believe it is the last one that is a separate install (Sage 100 v2013) or the first one that isn't (Sage 100 v2014).

Were the reports created with the old Financial Report setup or with the Report Designer Addin

Doug, thanks for your help. Idk if the reports use the RD, but I would assume so. I don't have access to the system. They told me that someone made the last SI version accept & as a wildcard. I am just trying to understand if there is something like a .ini file or registry key that would accomplish this. 

Not sure but don't think so.

Any chance you can get the output of 1 of the reports and upload here or email me? I can take a look to see if there is an easier way.

Thanks! Don't worry about it. If need be I can write a Macro or Program to go through all the files.



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