Windows Task Scheduler intermittently stop running reports to completion

Hi All

I am finding lately that reports set to run via my Windows Task Scheduler intermittently stop running reports to completion.

Tasks start and go to "Running"  state with result status "0x41301". These tasks remain on this status with instances of BICore.exe opening in the Processes tab for each report.

Running the reports directly from the Report Manager works perfectly.

Other non Alchemex Task Scheduler items run without any issues. 

The only way to get the Task Scheduler to run the Alchemex reports again is to reboot my server. This would happen about weekly.

As the tasks never go to a failed state, the Event Viewer does not bring up any events after "Created Task Process"  - Task Scheduler launch task "\Open Orders Report (RSA & LES)" , instance "C:\Alchemex7SAPB1\BICore.exe" with process ID 12152.

Any idea where I could start diagnosing?

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Hi Jacques,

I found this explanation and resolution from Microsoft. Not sure if it applies to your issue.  Microsoft explains in this link that the error means the task is still running and could be caused by what boxes are ticked in the Conditions tab.  Check to see that the default is used or has been changed. If not changed then try starting creating on a new report and see if you get the same result. Link:

This is another link but not specific to the 0x41301 error you encountered.

Has anyone else seen this issue?



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