I am looking for clarification for a couple of Sage 300 clients who are distributing their Sage 300 Intelligence reports (version 2017) to staff. In each case the staff do not have Sage 300 installed on their workstations. 

In one client case they distribute the Excel output to managers and all of the values are set to #Name. Do all workstations require the Intelligence Report Designer add-in for the templates to display correctly?

In another client case they are using the Designer with Reporting Trees and also Drill Downs. Will this require an Intelligence viewer license to function correctly? We are unable to get these functions working correctly on a stand alone PC configuration.

If there is a requirements document or some direction that someone could pass along?

Thanks in advance,

Dave Burnside

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Good day

To achive this you need to be using one of the newer versions of the software which has the option to distribute using static values to be able to view the workbook on a machince that does not have Sage Intelligence. I have included a link below that will show you how to do this. 


Also with drill down you would only be able to drill down to balance level as this is the only drill down data that is found stored in the workbook. Hence you will not be able to drill down to transaction level.

Hope this information helps :)

Thanks Nate,

I appreciate the quick response. We will review the static values option to see if this suits for the report distribution.

In Sage 300 we can do a full local install of the software including Sage Intelligence and the Intelligence designer. Or we can just do a workstation setup to get the features onto the client workstation. On a workstation with no Sage 300 installed and we wanted to "Install Sage Intelligence" does that assume one of the Sage 300 install methods I noted or can the Report Designer (along with excel addin) be installed separately? Just trying to confirm the exact components necessary to support the distributed reports and utilizing the Report Designer formulas. 

Thanks in advance!


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