workstation shows no license for report designer and report viewer license is 0

Dear Sir/Madam,

We just encounter one issue that two workstations cannot detect the license for report designer and report viewer.

the other workstation is working fine, there shows report designer is "YES" and report viewer is 4.

we have tried to reinstall the program for these two workstations also cannot solve this issue.

Please advise!


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Good day

It could be that your metadata path on the workstations could be pointing to the wrong location. This can affect your security of your system and thus it it would be advisable to contact the support desk and have them check that all your machines are pointing to the right metadata repository.


Thank you for your reply.  We are using sage intelligence in sage 300. the installation path is only for sage 300. and the path are correct. 

But if I login use windows local administrator, it can detect the license, when use user account login, cannot detect the license. Please advise, your help is very much appreciated.

Good day

In this case it would be advisable to check and disable the UAC settings for each user. If this does not work then you will Sage 300 support to investigate.


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