We have Sage 2015 running on Server 2012 R2 Terminal Server. 

Error 462 Remote Server machine does not exist or is not available  

We had a Partner/Developer create a financial report for SI.  ALLour other reports work without this error, including a new report I made from scratch.

This new report crashes when it reaches, "Naming Ranges", and gives the error.

Our developer suggested adding the tool below.  I installed V.S.T.O, rebooted but error still exists. And I have to wonder why just this one report won't work if these tools are needed to make S.I. function. I see this is a common problem but I don't see any definitive solution.  If there is one, I can not find it.  

I will have to call Tech Support next week, but in the meantime maybe I can get assistance here. 


Microsoft V.S.T.O. (Visual Studio Tools for Office) runtime 2010 must be installed

Microsoft V.S.T.O. runtime 3.0 must be installed

Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5

Microsoft .net Framework 4.5 or higher




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Hi Paula,

I will have a chat to our support team here and let you know the feedback. In the meantime Tech Support will be able to check this out and maybe do a remote session to view the issue.



Hi Paula,

I had a chat to our Support Team here at Sage Intelligence.

There could be a few things that would be causing this issue:

1) The version of Excel that the report was created on is newer than the one you are currently on

2) The version of Sage BICore that the report was created on is newer than the one you are currently on

One way to resolve this would be to open the report in Report Designer and re-create this report on your version of Excel to eliminate the versioning problem. If this works then the report was probably created on a different version of Excel from the one you using.

Our Support team is aware of the issue and will assist when Tech support raises the issue to us.

Let me know how it goes.


My Sage Provider/Developer gave the following explanation, with which I am not convinced.


"...the issue turns out to be is that the pass through variables for year and period do not work on your computer. Once these were removed,  this runs without crashing. I left the original and created a new report under “champ new” . Since there are no period and year parameters, I have a parameter sheet unhidden, After the report generates, you will need to enter the year and period in cells D3 and D4 respectively on the parameter sheet. The reports will recalculate based on the period entered."  

I asked which particular system requirements are missing?  I followed the computer requirement list:  

I am also confused as there was no actual installation of Sage Intelligence, I just entered a key/license.    

This seems to be getting more and more awkward and complex.


I spoke with a super helpful Technician today from Sage Support.  He looked over the our system and it's ok.  He said the error is a timing out issue they are familiar with.  They have a "work around " fix which he installed and so far it has taken care of the issue.

That's awesome news. Glad that the guys at Tech Support were able to resolve the issue.



Having a similar issue -- the report runs fine with a single company connection -- when I connect to a multi-company connection I get the 462 error ... any information on the solution tech support provided to Paula?

Hi Paula,

Any chance of you sharing that "work around fix"? I have a client running into the same issue.


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