Report Designer Financial Report with a Date Range Filter? I am trying to create a financial report using Report Designer, but the client wants to see the data by week rather than by period. Is there any filtering that I can do to any of the subreports so that I am only pulling transactions that are done between April 1-7? The client wants to compare a current week to the same week in previous years, so ideally I would want to filter the data to pull any transactions that fell between April 1-7 during 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015. I know I can do this by writing a  custom SQL report, but that would not sync up with all of the drag and drop Financial Reporter formulas (and that is what the client wants). I can't find the subreport that actually holds the transaction journal dates, so I am not sure that filtering the Report Designer subreports is an actual option.

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Hi Gabriela, 

The Report Designer will only give you transaction level detail when you drill down, which is a separate report which allows you drill down on category and account level. This drill down report cannot be changed and hence I would like to suggest you use another report. 

It is called the "General Ledger Transaction Details" report which could help you report on week level detail. I would add a column into this report to show weeks, and then use the weeks field to filter the data. 

Let's catch up on email and see if you can get this working. If we do you can share your findings here. 



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