Sage 50 US Receivables (C11-0-1)

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Aged Receivables (C11-0-1)

Sage 50 US 2015+

Microsoft Excel 2013+



The accounts receivable aging is a report lists unpaid customer invoices and unused credit memos by date ranges. (0-30), (31-60), (61-90) and Over days.

This Sage Intelligence Community group facilitates the sharing of free reports. Sage Alchemex, as well as Sage support desks are not responsible for and do not support any report templates from third-party consultants and report writers on the Free Templates Group.


Your Free Report is attached below, simply right-click and select ‘save-as’ to download. Once you have downloaded the report you will need to import it into the Report Manager. Import instructions are attached.

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I would love to use this with our consolidating connection, but can't without modifying the report.  Is it possible to unlock the report?  I tried copying but the copy also is locked.


Hi Geron

The attached report property has been updated so that it will unlock on copy. 

Thanks Ruth!

Thanks for the report Ruth. Do you have any idea why filters would not take effect? For instance, I created a filter on CustomerID, Equal To, saw the available values in the Enter Comparison Value drop-down, selected a value, the ran the report, which ignored the filter and displayed all Customers. 

Hi Bob. 

I would suggest adding a report parameter, which will ask you at run time which customer to run the report by. 

I would also suggest that you look at downloading the Report Utility for Sage 50 US. This will give you access to even more free reports, and new reports are continually being added to the Report Utility

Report Utility.

Already tried adding a CustomerID report parameter, no effect, all customers are generated. I've designed other reports utilizing filters and parameters with no issues. Just curious why they're not working here. I'll check out the Report Utility. Thanks.

Ruth, from Report Utilities, I installed this report (Aged Receivables (C11-0-1), made a copy in Report Manager, then tried a filter on ShipToCity Equal To, ran the report, no filter effect. Are you able to run this report with a filter? Same issue with including a parameter. Is there a lock somewhere preventing this functionality? Something else I'm missing? Thanks.

let me check on my side

I will get back to you.

Hi Bob

Try the attached report. 


Filter works on this report. Will test further but looks good for now. Thanks.

Do you know why I would be getting this error for the report you offered? BTW thank you for sharing. I really would love to get this working!

Description : [ProvideX][ODBC Driver]Expected lexical element not found: FROM
Number : -2147217900
Source :
Driver Error : 1015
SQL State : 37000

Hi Jasmine

All our latest reports are no longer uploaded to this site. We upload all our free reports to the Sage Intelligence Additional reports page. Here you will find many more reports that you can have access to once you have downloaded the Report Utility


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