Sage 50 US Receivables (C11-0-1)

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Aged Receivables (C11-0-1)

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The accounts receivable aging is a report lists unpaid customer invoices and unused credit memos by date ranges. (0-30), (31-60), (61-90) and Over days.

This Sage Intelligence Community group facilitates the sharing of free reports. Sage Alchemex, as well as Sage support desks are not responsible for and do not support any report templates from third-party consultants and report writers on the Free Templates Group.


Your Free Report is attached below, simply right-click and select ‘save-as’ to download. Once you have downloaded the report you will need to import it into the Report Manager. Import instructions are attached.

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Hi Ruth,

I used the Report Utility to download this report. I am having an issue with prepayment amounts. If there is a prepayment amount recorded in March for $5000 and then there is an invoice that was created in April for $100, when I run this report as of 3/31 the report shows $4900 for the prepayment amount instead of $5000 or $4900 and $100 like it does on the standard aged receivables report in Sage 50. Is there something in the SQL code for the container that can be tweeked so the balance is correct as of 3/31? I am guessing it is because the invoice date is April so the report is not including the balance of the prepayment. The line date for the $100 prepayment amount is in March. How can we get this report to reflect the prepayment amount correctly. Thank you in advance for your help!


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